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Charlotte Chalkley

Charlotte Chalkley began working in numerous fields with children and adolescents and, some years later, with adults after qualifying as a professional therapist in 2003. She also has a BSc(Hons) in Psychology with Criminology from the University of East London.

As well as qualifying as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Charlotte also explored the metaphysical aspects of life with a view to helping others to reach their true potential and find genuine happiness. 

Over the last few years, Charlotte has been a top sales coach working with several million-dollar companies both online and at events internationally. Charlotte has also expanded her skills into coaching and working with online entrepreneurs in a range of professions.  She assists professional entrepreneurs, furthermore, both to overcome self-limiting beliefs about finances and to develop online marketing skills. 

Charlotte helps coaches and therapists to develop online marketing skills, to increase workflow and to expand business. Charlotte’s mission is to be able to help practitioners to create a significant therapy/coaching business out of effective, profound and permanent change for their clients.


Donna Joy Usher

Donna Joy Usher

I’ve done a lot of things over the course of my life; worked as a dentist for 25 years, written and published 10 books, owned and operated businesses. With all of that, I can honestly say that nothing has changed my life as deeply or profoundly as training with Charlotte to be a hypnotherapist has.

Not only did I gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications of an analytical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist; skills and knowledge that I am now using to improve other people’s lives, but I was taught how to position myself in the online space so I could create a business surrounding my new occupation.

Charlotte has been amazing. I feel blessed to have found her, and I know that the next part of my life is going to be an exciting one as I put into practice everything that she has taught me

Santiago Arambarri

The way Charlotte directs the course is far from the traditional way of learning we are used to, is a relaxed yet very committed, hands-on workshop where I learned to try harder, push my boundaries, listen to others and trust in me and the client.

During the whole course I have not only learned about the human mind, how it is that past events and situations we’ve found ourselves in have a huge unconscious impact on how we live our lives today, and what to do about it, but I’ve learned so much about myself by being part of the classes.

The approach both Jacquelyne and Charlotte have towards aiding mental healing and spiritual expansion is amazing. The way they explain and teach about complicated psychological matters with such simplicity and care helped me to re-think many old learning and concepts about modern psychology.

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